Yamaha YCL255S Student Bb Clarinet

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The Yamaha YCL255S Student Bb Clarinet is suitable for beginners and avid students alike. Featuring silver-plated nickel silver keys, this clarinet is capable of producing soft, warm sounds. Following recent developments, the YCL255S now comes with a new adjustable thumb-rest which accommodates most hand sizes, and encourages players to adopt a proper playing technique. The newly designed bell is now made from ABS resin which improves response, projection and intonation in the lower notes. Inspired by high-end Yamaha models, the YCL255S now comes with a 65mm barrel, to produce a focused tone. The YCL255S is made from ABS resin plastic which is coated with an attractive matte for a durable finish. The Yamaha YCL255S comes equipped with a CL-4C mouthpiece, recommended by teachers as a suitable upgrade for avid players. As well as this, the clarinet comes with a plastic mouthpiece cap and case to protect the clarinet during travel.

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Yamaha is a brand trusted by millions of musicians worldwide. Attention to detail and precision are Yamaha's trait which has earned the trust of students, and the respect of world-renowned musicians. An inimitable blend of leading technology and craftsmanship goes into each and every instrument. The products are developed and perfected to significantly enhance the overall precision and playing experience.

Design Features

The Yamaha YCL255S Clarinet features silver-plated nickel silver keys to provide a softer but warmer sound. New to the design is an adjustable thumb rest and strap ring to accommodate different hands sizes. This is a great advantage for student players as it helps them to comfortably adopt a proper playing technique. As players grow they can adjust this rest to suit their needs. The strap ring brings further comfort and helps players to hold the instrument without any added effort. Another new addition includes durable screws and a silver soldered ring, which are added to hold the thumb-rest securely in place. Another development for the YCL255S is the bell which is now made only of solid and durable ABS resin plastic. The result of this change is a much lighter instrument, which is a great advantage for beginners who want to practise for long periods of time. This change has also helped to improve the performance of the instrument, which now has much better response than before. Inspired by high-end Yamaha clarinets, a 65mm barrel has been added to the design. The barrel is capable of producing a more concentrated and focused tone, with more resistance than previous models. The body is also made from ABS resin and is extremely durable, so won't be susceptible to splits or cracks like conventional wooden instruments. Unlike other models, the YCL255S sounds authentic and mellow. This Yamaha instrument uses the Boehm system, which is the most commonly practiced system for clarinets.

Included Accessories

The Yamaha YCL255S Clarinet comes equipped with a CL-4C mouthpiece and plastic mouthpiece cap. Made from high quality phenol resin, the 4C features a design inspired by the Yamaha Custom series. The 4C offers consistent playing technique and is recommended by teachers as a suitable upgrade for avid students. The facing of this series is shorter than the custom series which makes it easier for beginners to play, and is capable of achieving rich characteristic sounds. Also included with this clarinet is a case to help keep it protected during travel.


  • Key Of: Bb
  • Body: Matte ABS Resin
  • Keys: Silver-Plated Nickel Silver
  • Keys: 17
  • Rings: 6
  • Tone Holes: Straight with Tapered Undercut
  • Pads: Bladder Pad
  • Barrel Length: 65mm
  • Thumb-Rest: Adjustable
  • Included Accessories: Yamaha CL-4C Mouthpiece, Plastic Mouthpiece Cap and Case
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