Yamaha PSR-S770 Keyboard

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The Yamaha PSRS770 Keyboard builds on the PSRS670 and adds more sounds, more styles, an improved DSP engine, four times the expansion memory and a large colour screen.

The Yamaha PSRS770 adds a whole host of powerful performance driven features, flexible playback options, an input for microphone or guitar, and an incredible 830 voices. Whether you're wanting a home keyboard, a studio workhorse, or a live performance tool, this keyboard can do it.

With a brand new design with a 7" colour screen at the centre, the PRSR770 has a 30 watt output with the option of connecting to a computer or PA system. Amongst the 830 voices are some of the best and most authentic sampled sounds, many which are from the Tyros range of keyboards, including acoustic and electric pianos, and a whole host of electronic sounds perfect for modern dance and pop music. The new intelligent arpeggiator gives you instant access to a large library of synth phrases and patterns.

When using the PSRS770 in a live setting, you'll find the two new assignable live controllers, modulation wheel, and ports for two assignable footswitches give you freedom and control over your sound and backings. DJ styles are a new concept which will automate chord progressions for you, leaving you with both hands free to play the melody or to trigger additional samples using the live controllers or multi pads.

If you already have backing tracks that you want to use, just connect a separate audio player to the auxiliary input, and you can output the combined sound either through the built in speakers or you can connect up to a desk or PA with the twin jack outputs. Further connectivity is possible using Yamaha's own Chord Tracker app. This iOS app runs on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, and can identify the chord sequence from an audio track instantly. This aids you in practicing and performance by extracting the chord sequence of an audio song.

If the plethora of sounds and styles are not enough for you, you can create your own unique sounds from recorded sample data, which can be uploaded to the PSRS670 via USB, giving you infinite options in personalisation.

  • 830 Voices, including Super Articulation voices and Organ flutes, 36 Drum/SFX kits, and 480 XG voices
  • 2 Live Controllers for dynamic real-time control assignable to any combination of parameters including filter, arpeggio and more
  • 360 Styles, including all-new DJ styles
  • Mic/Guitar input for use when singing or collaborating with other performers
  • New Arpeggio function for instant access to a library of arpeggiated synth phrases and more
  • Authentic Voices and Styles from around the world
  • USB audio playback with time stretch, pitch shift, and vocal cancel functions
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