Trevor James Privilege Flute with Silver Lip Plate

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This excellent top of the range student flute gives the new player complete tonal flexibility combined with high quality mechanism and set-up.   Silver-plated headjoint tube, silver-plated body and footjoint with French-style pointed key arm mechanism. 

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This Trevor James Privilege Flute has a silver-plated headjoint tube, silver-plated body and foot joint with French style pointed key arm mechanism. This model also includes a 925 silver lip plate, improving the quality of tonal flexibility and ease of obtaining notes in higher and lower octaves.

As with other Trevor James Privilege models, the instrument is set up in one of the Trevor James workshops in the UK, and includes the E mechanism and offset G mechanism, as well as a triple plated finish and hand over cutting and undercutting of the embouchure hole. 

This model is suited to players looking for an upgrade from a student flute, or searching for an intermediate instrument, with a little bit of exta added flair. The silver lip plate is a cheaper alternative to buying a solid silver head joint, or flute, in order to improve tone and sound quality. 


  • Responsive headjoint design  
  • Hand over-cutting and undercutting of the embouchure hole
  • Heavy-weighted engraved crown as standard
  • Pointed key arm mechanism
  • Triple-plated finish
  • Hidden adjusting screws
  • 925 silver lip and riser 
  • French style wooden case
  • Fleecy lined case cover with shoulder strap
  • White gauze cloth
  • Micro-fibre cleaning cloth
  • Owner Guide
  • Hand set-up and finished in UK technical workshops
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