Trevor James Alpha Lightweight Alto Saxophone-Gold Lacquer

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A favourite saxophone among young beginners due its weight - 44% lighter than a standard alto saxophone! The Alpha is a great instrument for children wanting to learn the saxophone who want something comfortable and lightweight that still retains the quality of tone you want to hear. 

If you always wanted to play the saxophone but were concerned that a standard size was too big or too heavy then the Alphasax may be the instrument for you. Specifically designed for the younger or smaller player it retains that rich sax sound in an instrument that is lighter to hold and with keys positioned in a way that reduces the stretching needed to reach them. As you would expect from Trevor James it is easy to blow and well built, with their five year parts guarantee displaying their confidence in the instrument. For the first time this saxophone offers the opportunity to make music to even the primary school ages and its really refreshing for teachers to get youngsters started rather than telling them to wait until they are a bit bigger. With a rental rate at around £20 a month this is a great way to dip your toes in.

In addition to the saxophone, the alpha comes with a lightweight moulded case with back straps, a harness, mouthpiece, cap, ligature, reed and cleaning accessories, everything you need to get you started on your saxophone journey! The alphasax in its case weighs only 3.34kg, a stunning 44% lighter than a standard alto saxophone.  

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