Roland LX7 Digital Piano - Brown Walnut

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The Roland LX7 Digital Piano is a sophisticated instrument designed to play with exceptional accuracy. The Roland LX7 features a SuperNATURAL sound engine for a rich tone that actively responds to the nuances of your playing. The upright design and wooden feel keys evoke the elegant playing and aesthetics of an acoustic piano. The six Acoustic Projection speakers create an expansive sound with easy volume adjustment. The Bluetooth compatibility lets you integrate the Piascore iPad app with the Roland LX7 for an interactive playing and learning experience. The contemporary black finish comfortably suits any home or music space.

SuperNatural Piano Modelling

The Roland LX7 uses SuperNATURAL piano modelling technology to recreate acoustic piano sounds. Rather than replaying a sample recording, the modelling technology takes into account the entire sound creation process of an acoustic piano. Along with a wide combination of variants, SuperNATURAL technology incorporates additional resonance that an acoustic piano would provide and how the different elements would interact with each other. The result of using this technology is an increased level of responsiveness and a rich sound with complex overtones that is not achievable from using piano samples.

Acoustic Projection

The LX7 houses a three-way, six-speaker system, driven by a powerful four-channel amplifier. Each section fulfils a specific role in delivering superior piano tone, producing an authentic grand piano sound. The powerful cabinet speakers provide the all-enveloping main piano sound, while the top-mounted spatial speakers reproduce the resonance of the piano's frame. Finally, the nearfield speakers project the sounds most likely to be noticed by the player, including dramatic, dynamic overtones and hammer noises as they hit the piano string. The increased height of the cabinet further enhances the tonality of the sound.

10 Year Warranty

Playing a Roland digital piano is a long term investment of time. That’s why Roland have offered a 10 year warranty with all of their HP and LX series instruments. These pianos have been designed for you to develop with for years to come, and feature the quality needed to achieve consistent progress. In order for optimum reliability, Roland’s 10 year warranty removes any worries concerning internal issues. This warranty protects your piano against failure due to a manufacturer fault.


  • Stylish Modern Digital Piano Ideal for the Home
  • SuperNATURAL Sound Modelling for Authentic Piano Sound
  • Play Music Through the Piano's Speakers via Bluetooth Audio
  • Ebony/Ivory Touch Keys with Realistic Weighting


  • Width: 1398mm
  • Depth: 311mm
  • Height: 783mm
  • Weight: 45.9KG
  • Finishes: Black, Walnut and Polished Ebony
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