Roland HP-605 Digital Piano

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The Roland HP605 is an elegant digital piano with an amazing sound and touch, available in four premium finishes, polished or satin black, satin rosewood or white.

The HP605 is a fantastic mid-range piano from Roland with a realistic sound and keyboard in a traditional cabinet, available in four premium finishes; polished ebony, contemporary rosewood, contemporary black, or white.

Roland's superNATURAL piano modelling recreates the sound rather than simply sampling a piano, which allows for a more realistic reproduction of the complex overtones that are created in an acoustic piano when several notes interact with each other.

The feel of the keyboard is just as important as the sound when playing a piano so Roland have given the HP605 their new PHA-50 (Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement) keyboard, this combines wood and moulded materials to reproduce the weight and response of a grand piano key. Details such as front rail pins - just like an acoustic piano - mean each key has less side-to-side motion, and less key noise when playing a glissando. Once you plug in headphones, you'll barely hear the keyboard, as the 'thud' has been greatly reduced. The keys share the look and feel of real ebony and ivory, and their moisture-absorbing properties mean your fingers won’t slide off when playing.

More and more musicians are making use of tablets, laptops and phones to make music. Roland have built Bluetooth into their HP605, so you can make a wireless connection to your iOS or Android device. When this is done you can play the audio through the speakers (or headphones) and play along with your favourite artists, there are also apps to display sheet music and when music scores are displayed one of the three piano pedals can be set to turn the pages.

One of the best things about a digital piano is the ability to plug in headphones and play to your heart's content without disturbing the neighbours. Roland have created a separate sound engine especially for headphones, which produces a 3D image of the sound making it sound as though the music is coming from the piano, not the headphones.

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