Roland BK5 Backing Keyboard

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The Roland BK-5 is the middle of Roland's superb BK line of arranger keyboards.
With it's bigger screen, better amplification and easier accesss USB port, it's a noticable step up from the BK-3.
Over 1100 sounds and over 300 rhythms expand on the BK-3 and it also has a greater effects section to help blend the sounds the way you want.
The better speakers and amplification mean you can use the BK-5 without having to use the 1/4" output jacks unless you really need to.
The BK-5 uses ROland's rotary input wheel to easliy move through the selection and menu options. The soft touch buttons also make it easier to make your selections. The BK-5 has over 500 performance presets too, so there should always be a combination of sound and rhythm for the song you are playing. The BK-5 allows use of the Roland EV series expression(volume) pedals. All of this in a small lightweight unit of only 7.5kg.

The Roland BK5 is a self-contained, all-in-one accompanist keyboard with an incredible selection of sounds and rhythms to fit almost any genre and style.

As with all Roland music products, the BK5 has an amazing sound engine. With over 1100 built in sounds and the ability to simultaneously use up to 128 of them, you can create a truly unique sound. You'll find a remarkable degree of creative control, as you can make use of both MIDI files and audio files like MP3 or .wav. These can be manipulated to match your needs, by adjusting the tempo and key signature to suit your vocal range or instrument tuning.

Although the Roland BK5 has a built in memory, you may find it useful to save your arrangements on to USB via the standard USB port. You can save and modify both your MIDI files, and also record your performances as high quality .wav files.

A real stand out feature of the BK5 is it's Video Output, which allows you to connect to an external monitor to display lyrics and chord symbols, either for an audience or other musicians. If you're a teacher arranging a school musical, this will be invaluable.

  • Keyboard - 61 keys (velocity sensitive)
  • Display - 160 x 160 dot LCD (backlit)
  • Polyphony - 128 voices
  • Sounds - 1,172 tones, 60 drum sets
  • Multitimbral parts - 3 real time parts and 16 song parts
  • Master tuning - 415.3 to 466.2 Hz
  • Transpose - +/-6 semitones
  • Tempo change - 20 to 250 bpm, 75% to 125% for audio files
  • Mute functions - Track mute, Center Cancel
  • Effects - Reverb (8 types), Chorus (8 types), EQ, 84 MFX variants
  • Rhythms - 305
  • One touch memories - 4 per rhythm
  • Real time player - SMF, KAR, mp3, .wav and mp3+CDG
  • Song chord extractor - Automatic detection for MIDI files
  • Performance lists - 500 internal, unlimited via USB expansion
  • Speakers - 2x10cm, 2x12w
  • Included accessories - Manual, AC Adaptor, Power cable, Music rest, CD-ROM with drivers and style convertor
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