Yamaha C3X Grand Piano - Black Polyester

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The Yamaha C3X is a beautiful instrument with a resonant and singing tone, drawing from the expertise at Yamaha in creating the incredible CFX Concert Grand Piano, and borrowing several of it's design and production elements.

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The Yamaha C3X is the culmination of Yamaha’s many years of experience building acoustic Pianos. With the CX Series, Yamaha set out to create a Grand Piano that truly sings, thanks to a range of innovative design features.

The Yamaha C3X utilises several design innovations to produce a rich acoustic timbre. The back frame on the C3X is 20% thicker than other Pianos, which produces a more stable piano that’s capable of a deeper tone and reverberation.

The C3X uses many of the same soundboard manufacturing techniques as their top concert Grand Piano, the CFX. Combining their musical and engineering experience, every part of the soundboard manufacture and assembly is meticulously attended to by master craftsmen and craftswomen. As a result, the Yamaha C3X has an amazing projection and response usually found in a far larger Piano.

The frame of the Yamaha C3X has to withstand over 20 tonnes of tension from the 236 strings, as well as transmit the sound of the instrument throughout the soundboard and the wooden body. Yamaha manufacture their own frame using a vacuum process developed over many years. Temperature and casting composition have to be carefully regulated to ensure a stable and long-lasting frame. Yamaha are amongst the best in the world here, and their years of experience ensure a reliable and stable instrument.

The first point of contact for any Pianist is the keys, and the feel of these is incredible important. Yamaha use an Ivorite substance for their white keys. This replicates the properties of Ivory, which has a slightly porous composition. This allows the key to absorb moisture, which is vital for a pianist to stop their fingers slipping when playing for long periods of time.

In addition, the keys need to respond in such a way as to allow for expressive and controlled playing. This is where the technicians and tuners come in, regulating and voicing the piano so that in the 10mm of key travel, the pianist is able to convey a huge range of expression and emotion. There are over 25 points of adjustment for every key of the Piano, and each of these must be attended to so the Piano plays as well as it can. This work is performed at the factory, but also at the Yamaha distribution centre in the UK, and then we at Millers Music also regularly check the instrument and regulate it so the playing response is perfect. But it doesn't stop there; once delivered to your home, we will adjust the instrument to the particular temperature and humidity of your home, and make sure it sounds perfect in your home.

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