Kawai ES8 Digital Piano - White

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The Kawai ES8 digital piano is a portable powerhouse suitable for all levels of experience. This all in one piano features Kawai's Responsive Hammer III keyboard action with 3-sensor technology and Ivory Touch surface delivering a realistic playing experience along with the supreme touch of an acoustic grand piano. The ES8 superior Harmonic Imaging XL sound technology has the latest Shigeru Kawai piano samples for rich dynamic tone keeping your playing style inspired. The impressive ES8 delivers the concert grand playing experience in a stylish, portable package.

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Authentic Touch

The ES8's Responsive Hammer III keyboard action is designed to feel like an acoustic grand piano by the organic response of the upward/downward motion for a smooth and natural playing experience. The weight of the individual keys is graded to match the heavier bass hammers and the lighter treble hammers characteristics of acoustic pianos. The finely finished IvoryTouch keys gently absorb any surface moisture to aid in playing control whilst the matt finish of the keys provides a smooth surface.

The Sound of a Grand Piano in Every Note

Equipped with Harmonic Imaging technology the ES8 tone is modelled from the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX, SK-5 and EX concert grand pianos. Earning a reputation as the ‘premier piano of Japan’ it graces the stages of concert halls and musical institutions around the globe, receiving universal acclaim for its exceptional clarity and dynamic range. Kawai Harmonic Imaging technology records each key individually, preserving the rich harmonic character expression of the original grand piano and provides notes from the strongest fortissimo right down to the softest pianissimo.

Virtual Technician Technology

The ES8 Virtual Technician Technology is just like having a skilled technician performing numerous regulation and voicing adjustments that bring the very best out of an acoustic piano truly letting the instrument sing. The ES8’s powerful Virtual Technician function simulates these refinements digitally, performing touch, weight and voicing adjustments, regulate hammer and key release noises and fine-tune string and damper resonances. It is even possible to adjust the precise tuning, volume, and character of individual notes all in real-time.

Professional Backing Styles

In addition to the standard Dual and Split playing modes, the ES8’s Rhythm Section feature offers solo performers a selection of professionally arranged backing accompaniments. A selection of 100 pop, rock, jazz and Latin styles to choose from at the touch of a button, complete with musically intelligent full-keyboard chord recognition, this is a nice feature for solo performers to rehearse to.


  • Ivory Touch Key Tops for Comfort & Playability
  • Piano Sounds Sampled from 3 Renowned Kawai Grand Pianos
  • USB-to-Device MP3/WAV/SMF Recording and Playback
  • Versatile Enough For Stage, Home or Studio


  • Height - 149mm
  • Width - 1362mm
  • Depth - 361mm
  • Weight - 22.5kg
  • Finish - Available in Black or White
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