Second Hand Yamaha Tyros5



  • Organ style keyboard, with aftertouch. Tyros5's responsive, nimble keyboard action provides the perfect balance of feel and agility, allowing the player to get the utmost expression and feeling from the intrument.
  • Super Articulation Voices. Guitars, trumpets, flutes, clarinets... to name but a few, Tyros5's already impressive on board sounds are enhanced further still with the natural harmonics and nuances from a wide variety of instruments.
  • Organ world. A collection of famous organ sounds - All in one place! From jazz organs, to church and theatre organs, they are all there!
  • Ensemble Voice. This sophisticated feature separates the sound of four different instruments simultaneously, for example – a string quartet or a brass section.  The end result is a truly impressive and authentic sound.
  • Real Audio Styles. Imagine having a real drummer playing along with you – Now you can! The ‘Real Audio’ styles within Tyros5 were created in a recording studio using a real drummer, giving you a whole new level of realism!
  • Vocal Harmony. For you singers out there, the VH2 vocal harmoniser will raise/lower the pitch of your voice, harmonise in duet, trio or quartet voices, along with a large choice of effects.  A synth vocoder is also on board.
  • Voice effects – Guitar. For the guitar enthusiast – Choose from a huge library of electric guitars.  Once you have chosen a voice, you can add real distortion from a choice of instantly recognisable amplifiers, all powered by the Tyros5’s powerful DSP processor.
  • Recording. Make full use of the Tyros5’s sixteen track sequencer, or record straight to MP3 or WAV formats.  Store your performances on either the spacious built in 500 GB hard drive, or straight to USB memory.

The Power of Reality

When it comes to playing live, one thing holds true for any musician, your sound is defined by the quality of the musicians you play with. Nothing can compare to the experience of being joined on stage by top musicians that you can depend on to get it right every time. Yamaha has created the ultimate performance keyboard, with outstanding sounds, effects, and accompaniment so real it's like being backed by some of the world’s finest players. The Tyros5 brings a level of authenticity to your sound like no instrument before it, giving your playing the power of reality with real backing, real sounds... real performance.

Performance You Can Believe In

Whether at home or on stage, superb sound samples of world-class musicians combine with powerful performance features and stunning effects processing to provide an amazing level of sonic fidelity that will make believers out of even the most demanding audience.

Possibly The Best Band(s) You'll Ever Play With

Imagine captivating your audience with a frenetic groove backed by a deft jazz trio, or lighting up the dance floor with pulsing electronica. Maybe even bringing the house down fronting a no-holds-barred rock act. Now imagine doing it all in one night. The Tyros5 offers you the experience of performing with chart-topping musicians, delivering a level of authenticity that is sure to inspire both you and your audience. The Tyros5 brings you the latest incarnation of Ya ma ha's re now ned Au dio St yles, significantly improved using state-of-theart sampling and recording techniques. Audio Styles give you access to a versatile library of accompaniments and backing tracks in a truly impressive range of genres and familiar styles that you can incorporate into your own performances. Featuring new performances from some of the hottest drummers and percussionists around, Audio Styles provide the solid foundation you need to inspire your finest performances.

The Freedom to Choose

With their superb sound and state-of-the-art performance features, Tyros workstation keyboards have always offered players an outstanding level of creative freedom. Now you can take advantage of freedom of another kind—the freedom of choice. A new 76-note keyboard extends your expressive range and allows you to make the most of the Tyros5's outstanding performance features. Alternatively, when portability is a priority or space is at a premium, the 61-note offers all the performance of its bigger brother in a familiar 61-key configuration.
TYROS 61 KEYS tyros5 76

Expansion Content

Premium Packs provide a full upgrade for your Tyros5 by adding new Premium Voices, Premium Styles, One Touch Settings, Multi-Pads, registrations and demonstration songs. Each Premium Voice gives you a fantastic new instrument sound that makes for a valuable addition to your Tyros5’s selection of built-in factory Voices.

Expansion Packs add Yamaha's Voice and Style, including some packs available for PSR-S series keyboards. Take advantage of a wide and ever-increasing selection of regional, ethnic and traditional Voices and Style, loading them onto the Tyros5 to instantly play authentic sounds, rhythm and backing in the musical style of your choice! From authentic Eastern European instruments to pulsing grooves from Ibiza (and even more in future packs), these new voices and styles and an entirely new dimension to your Tyros5.

Our Expert View

'The Tyros5 is a hugely versatile instrument. With it's huge choice of realistic sounds and rhythms, It is perfect for the stage, the recording studio, or the home.'

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