Kawai VPC1 Virtual Piano Controller

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Kawai have answered the prayers of virtual piano musicians everywhere. Their VPC1 features the superb RM3 Grand II wooden-key keyboard action into a professional MIDI controller for a detailed response to your playing. Kawai understand the importance of first-class touch and have kept things as uncomplicated as possible. There are no knobs to snap-off or faders getting in the way of your mouse, just a power switch, 88 real wooden keys, superb action, some USB and MIDI connectors, a beautifully designed well-built cabinet and an incredible concert grand playing experience.

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Authentic Touch

The keyboard action is the most important part of a controller. The VPC1 is equipped with the RM3 II keyboard action providing you with a similar feel to an acoustic grand piano. The keyboard has wooden keys providing smooth, consistent movement with acoustic piano characteristics such as graded hammers weighting, ivory-like key surfaces, let-off simulation and bass note counterweights, giving your playing a natural feel, as well as absorbing fingertip perspiration to assist playing control.

Professional Touch Curves

The VPC1 88 keys feature the same responsive touch curve as the respected MP10 stage piano, ensuring a superb playing experience and natural sound. The five touch curve presets allow users to access some of Kawai’s most renowned sounds, and reproduce them with equal amounts of accuracy and quality. These curves have been lovingly prepared by Kawai's renowned keyboard engineering team and approved by the software developers themselves, ensuring your favourite virtual piano responds just like the real thing.


Connecting the VPC1 to your PC or Mac requires just a single USB cable. The VPC1 can draw power from the computer's USB bus, reducing cable clutter by doing away with the need for an external AC adaptor. While the VPC1 has been developed primarily for controlling software pianos, standard MIDI jacks are also provided for connecting to hardware sound sources. It's even possible to control separate sound sources simultaneously, adjusting IN/OUT routing for USB and standard MIDI with the VPC Editor software.

Grand Feel Pedal System

Take full advantage of your virtual piano's unlooped sustain and stunning modelled resonances with the VPC1's included grand piano pedal controller. This sturdily built unit supports half-damping and is pre-configured to send the correct CC messages for damper, soft, and sostenuto events for a greater piano playing experience.


  • MIDI Controller with Acoustic Piano Playability
  • Full-Length Wooden Keys with Seesaw Action
  • Touch Curve Software for Creating and Editing Your Tones
  • Easy Clutter-Free Connectivity to Your Mac or PC


  • Height - 185mm
  • Width - 1380mm
  • Depth - 425mm
  • Weight 29.5kg
  • Finish - Metallic Black Finish
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