Kawai ES110 Digital Piano

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Kawai are a name that are well recognised as an innovative brand when it comes to quality digital and acoustic piano production. The Kawai ES110 Stage Piano proves this by cramming a high quality sound engine, a premium feel weighted key system, bluetooth, recording capability and more into a unit that costs less than £600! Not only are you getting quality, but also astounding value for money.

The Kawai ES110 Stage Piano employs the manufacturer’s Responsive Hammer Compact Action (RH-C) with Matt surfaces to offer the touch of an acoustic grand without adding any extra weight that can be cumbersome in transport. To offer the smooth experience of playing an acoustic piano this technology provides a springless action and sturdy feel to give consistency to each key’s motion.


Giving you an acoustic piano sound to match the feel of the keys, the Kawai ES110 Stage Piano uses advanced Harmonic Imaging technology to reproduce the rich sound of Kawai’s acclaimed concert grand piano. Each key of this exceptional instrument has been fully analysed and recorded to be accurately recreated in the Kawai ES110, something it does faithfully; to offer the same broad dynamic range and expressiveness, from soft pianissimo to strong fortissimo.

In addition to offering the sound of a concert grand, the Kawai ES110 Stage Piano also offers reverb effects, to give your sound the acoustic feel of varying environments, such as a concert hall, live stage, or recital room. There are also extended settings to adjust voicing, sympathetic resonance, and other acoustic characteristics.


If you want to play around a bit more with your piano’s sounds, the Kawai ES110 Stage Piano delivers with a range of instruments, including: electric pianos, organs, strings, acoustic and electric bass, harpsichord, and vibraphone. What’s more with the Kawai ES110’s Dual and Split playing modes you can split the keyboard in two and apply different sounds to each side, e.g. an acoustic piano on the left and strings on the right, allowing for a more complex sound.


An excellent addition for beginners, the Kawai ES110 Stage Piano comes supplied with a built-in lesson function, with a collection of Burgmüller etudes and Alfred Basic Piano lessons, from the popular course books. This addition allows you to learn the left hand and right hand parts of etudes or songs separately to build up confidence and also helps with timing and rhythm with the built-in metronome and adjustable tempo.

Top all of this off with the option to connect to your smart device via Bluetooth and you really take the limits off what you thought possible with a stage piano at this price point. For the beginner or the professional player, the Kawai ES110 Stage Piano exceeds all expectations.

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